There are many Americans, including myself, who hoped that Joe Biden would have won this election by a landslide. That hope was not all politically motivated. It went deeper, to the systemic racial divide that this current president has sown for decades and the exposure to the coronavirus pandemic that he has left this nation in the wake of his presidency, which now impacts our BIPOC population more than most any other group.

Instead of a landslide victory, this presidential election has turned out to feel more like we turned on an ultraviolet light in a dark room and saw…

For the past 21 months I’ve known that I had something amazing inside me to give to the world.

When it’s said and done, the ideas have not been brought to life. I did not execute and therefore I’m frustrated with myself about the lack of new streams of income that are needed to replace a 9–5 check.

I’m realizing that year after year, I’ve wanted to lose 20 lbs but it’s still here. I’ve wanted to develop a six-figure business, but I’ve only managed to create five-figure revenue which in large part serves my podcast more than I.


Stephen A Hart

Founder and Host - Trailblazers.FM Podcast | Brand Strategist

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